At Data Recovery Solutions, we are experts in recovering data from hard drives. We recover your data quickly and our pricing is extremely competitive.  Beware of the companies that say that they can recover your data for a flat fee of $199 or $299. If your hard drive actually has something wrong with it, it is not economically feasible to recover the data for such a low price. The companies that advertise that kind of pricing are doing what is known in the industry as “cherry picking”. This means that they only recover the drives that don’t actually have any physical problems, and then tell you that the data is not recoverable. Often they will then try to upsell the recovery and send the drive to a 3rd party that is capable of doing a recovery.

Hard drive recovery

We recover data from all hard drive manufactures and all interfaces.

RAID Recovery

We recover from any RAID scenario. RAID 0, RAID 5, RAID 6, RAID 10, JBOD. There is no job too big or too small for us to handle.

NAS Recovery

We recover from all NAS Units. Synology, Qnap, Western Digital, Zyxel, Buffalo, Netgear, etc.

Removeable Storage

We recover from flash drives, and all removeable camera and voice memo media.

Customer Reviews

Thank you so much for retrieving the data off of our crashed hard drive You have saved us from several months of reconstructive work on our database which happened to be our account receivable ($17,000). The cost of hiring you was truly minimal compared to what it would have cost to reconstruct the information manually. Before we sent the drive to you, we tried using another company that performs the same type of service. They were much more expensive and informed us they had done everything possible to save our drive but that it was totally unrecoverable. We sent the drive to you, and within one day, you had it working and our data recovered!

-Rennie Innis

Thank you for your help recovering my hard drive!!! Appreciate everything you did!!!

-Steve Rendle, The North Face



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