The loss of data, as a result of hard drive failure or file deletion, can have devastating effects on the ability for a business to function, or can be a heart-breaking scenario for the consumer that has lost all of their family photos and videos. When the need arises to recover data from your hard drive it is critical to entrust the recovery to experienced professionals that have the knowledge that it takes to do the job correctly, the first time, because in many cases there is only one chance to get the data, and if not done correctly, the data could be gone forever.

At Data Recovery Solutions, we have a combined 60 years’ experience performing data recovery from hard drives, and a combined 70 years’ experience in the repair of hard drives. This experience allows us to recover data from hard drives that many companies are not able to recover.

All of our recoveries are done in house at our Oakland, Ca. facility that is clean, secure, and responsive. We never send your hard drives to 3rd party vendors.

Our mission has always been to maintain the small company feel. This means that when you contact Data Recovery Solutions you will be talking to the actual technicians that will be performing the data recovery, not a sales person whose only job is to get you in the door. We will always be available to you through each phase of the recovery process, and we will always be completely honest with you.

We have a huge inventory of parts drives that we have collected over the years and we are constantly adding to our inventory to provide our customers with one of the quickest possible turn-around times in the business.

Customer Reviews

Thank you so much for retrieving the data off of our crashed hard drive You have saved us from several months of reconstructive work on our database which happened to be our account receivable ($17,000). The cost of hiring you was truly minimal compared to what it would have cost to reconstruct the information manually. Before we sent the drive to you, we tried using another company that performs the same type of service. They were much more expensive and informed us they had done everything possible to save our drive but that it was totally unrecoverable. We sent the drive to you, and within one day, you had it working and our data recovered!

-Rennie Innis

Thank you for your help recovering my hard drive!!! Appreciate everything you did!!!

-Steve Rendle, The North Face



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